Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a good option to live in the paradise


For those planning to live in Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a good option. The second most populous city of the Islands, where you can supply all your needs. It is a vanguard city, which has undergone many changes in recent years, creating large spaces of great architectural value. Also in the residential area, as you can consult with the local state agents. Tenerife are in a quickly development, a per affirmation of the representative of , company that operates in the area of estate agents in Tenerife.




The city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the second most populated of the Canary Islands, with 206,000 inhabitants. Share the capital of the Canary Islands with Las Palmas de Gran Canarias.
It is worth mentioning the Tenerife Auditorium, the work of the architect Santiago Calatrava, which has become a symbol of the city, on the other hand, stands out the recently built Plaza de España with a lake of sea water in the centre of the beach, and has already become the main centre of the city. Santa Cruz de Tenerife also offers a development in the residential structure, which is available with the Tenerife estate agents.




No less important is the Garcia Sanabria Park, in the centre of Santa Cruz, a green lung, which has numerous sculptures and fountains. Also this city counts on a beach Las Teresitas, and some zones of nocturnal leisure, like the street of La Noria.
In Tenerife The municipality of Guimar, is a reference of a place with quiet beaches, you can find some of the most controversial archaeological sites in Tenerife:

  • The Ethnographic Park of the Pyramids. If you go to the north of the island,
  • El Rosario may be one of the coastal neighbourhoods with more Charm to live. You can breathe a lot of tranquillity with the pleasant sound of the sea in the background.


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The estate agents in Tenerife, maybe can help you to find the best place.


Santa Cruz de Tenerife probably has everything that you look for, whatever is your life style, tastes, and way to live, if you are not sure yet, which side of the island suits better to your style, the estate agents in Tenerife, maybe can help you to find the best place.